Day 7 – The one where it really started to feel like groundhog day

You might think that with having a full day to run a marathon there would be lots of time to chill out and relax. Unfortunately, that is absolutely not the case! Below is the rough timetable of my day:

7.30     Alarm goes off, head down to breakfast of bagel with peanut butter on, banana and pain au chocolat if Mat has got up early enough to put them in the oven. Make my jam sandwiches for when I finish. Come back to my room, get everything prepared for the run, clean my teeth and head down to the clinic.

8.30     Arrive at the clinic for the standard morning flush out with Martyn. If anything is particularly sore compared to the previous day we will spend more time on that. Finish with a stretch out.

9.30     Get into the athletes room and get into my running kit and go through my final pre-race routines.

10.15   Leave the athletes room and walk down to drive to the start.

10.30   Start another marathon.

13.45   Finish another marathon.

13.46   Start getting stretched out by Martyn, on the lawn if it’s a nice day so I get to chat with my supporters.

14.00   Into the ice bath. I actually quite enjoy this. It was 14 minutes at 5 degrees today.

14.15   Back into clinic for the post-race pain ritual. Flush out all the muscles (my quads are particularly troublesome and today I had both Martyn and Alan working on one each which made me feel a little bit sick). Look at any other areas that are sore. Also did a weigh in today. I appear to have put on weight!


Photo: Double physio trouble

16.30   Escape the pain chamber and head back to our lodge for a shower.

17.00   Make up drinks bottles for the next day.

17.30   Head down to the bar to write my blog and catch up with social media as there is no wi-fi or phone signal at our lodge (this is really hurting me!).

18.30   Dinner.

19.30   Back to the bar just to finish off blogging and social media duties.

20.30   Return to our lodge, get ready for bed and watch the previous night’s episode of Great British Menu.

21.30   Bed time.

Then repeat. Again and again.

Today’s run was good, but I’m so very tired. Went off steady, and was running with Gary all the way to the top of Devil’s Gallop where I had a wee and he got ahead and pulled away. As I’m not looking at my pace when I run, I wasn’t sure whether Gary was going quicker, or I was going slower, or if it was a mixture of the two.

I trusted my heart rate, and how my body was feeling and ran my own race. It turns out Gary was absolutely flying and set the quickest time of the week so far. Chapeau! I was twenty seconds quicker than yesterday which was very satisfying.

Lots of lovely spectator surprises today. My parent were back, and will now be around for the rest of the week. Rich was a legend with drinks bottles again. And then Ade and Rob from work turned up which I had absolutely no idea was happening. Traffic issues meant they literally just made it for the start but it was great to see them round the course.

Loads more donations and kind words over the last day, they honestly mean the world and are helping take the pain away! Keep them coming.


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