Day 5 – The one that was a step into the unknown


Day 5. This would take me to halfway. I’d run four marathons in four days in training, so this was going to be a step into the unknown.

The day started with the sad news that Malc had been forced to withdraw due to the knee injury he was carrying when he arrived. Unfortunately, it hadn’t improved over the first four days and the difficult decision was taken to drop out. That was a tough start to the morning.

The weather was still a bit damp, but warmer than yesterday. I’d tweaked my recovery yesterday to try and help my stomach pains, and it seemed to have helped as overnight and this morning it was starting to feel more settled and less bloated.

I also completely changed my fuelling strategy, and rather than carrying my bottle with electrolyte in I just took my first gel and relied on the water I had in the drinks boxes. Normally I have gels at 8 and 16 miles, but today I went for 8 miles, 14 miles and 20 miles.

That seemed to work well, but I did still need the ‘pit stop’ at mile 16 again! I set off a little bit quicker, and carried that on all the way to finish in my fastest time of the week – just over 3.11.

Before leaving Sheffield, I had asked Emma to create some playlists for me to listen to while I was running. I purposely didn’t look at them beforehand so had no idea what I was going to get. Emma has got an ‘interesting’ music taste and yesterday I went from ‘Lancelot – He Likes to Prance-a-lot’ from the music Spamalot straight into Vengaboys ‘Boom Boom Boom’. It did make me chuckle!

So that’s it, I’ve made it to halfway. My quads and glutes are taking most of the brunt of the course and it was two and a half hours of painful physio today. I’ve got the bruises to show for it. It’s also ladies’ day, so all the male physios were wearing dresses today, which was interesting to say the least!


Thank you so much for your continued support, I’ve nearly made it to £9,000 which is just blowing me away. It also keeps me focussed and motivated each day. I love you all!



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