Day 4 – The one that was wetter than an otter’s pocket


It was wet today. Very wet. As my good friend Rich would say, it was wetter than an otter’s pocket. I didn’t feel too bad this morning, my quads had eased overnight and the final flush out with Martyn this morning helped. I slept reasonably well, but there is a level of general fatigue setting in.

Got properly wrapped up at the start, with waterproof, hat and gloves all on. Went off steady and was pretty much soaked through by the time I’d got to the Aly & Paul wave through at one mile. Then had a lovely surprise at the drinks box at 2 miles where my parents were waiting to cheer me on. I wasn’t expecting to see them so that was nice a boost. They then appeared at lots of other points round the course with Rich. On a wet Monday morning that was a huge help.

Ran well through to my first gel at 8 miles, but then on the last section on the west side of the lake my stomach started to feel a bit dodgy, and I was finding it harder to take on food and fluid. It got gradually worse until I was forced to take an emergency pit stop at the toilets just after 16 miles. That really helped and managed the rest of the run without any further dramas, and was still going strongly over the last four miles.

That’s possibly the wettest I’ve ever been on a run. Got soaked by a car going through a massive puddle at 23 miles. I could see the tidal wave of water coming towards me but there was no way of getting out of the way. I almost chased after the car but decided it wasn’t worth it, hopefully they will get their karma payback elsewhere. Apparently there was an inch of water in the drinks box at the top of Ice Cream Mountain when I got there.

Crossed the line slightly slower than yesterday, but with a lower average heart rate. Quads quite sore again, so Martyn spent a lot of time putting me through the ringer to get them sorted. It was very painful, but I tell myself it’s all worth it.

Stomach improving as the afternoon has gone on. Since my issues on day 1 I’ve been drinking a lot of electrolyte in the evening and morning to make sure I’m well hydrated. I don’t normally do this and I may have gone a bit far. Going to stick to water tonight and see how I get on tomorrow.

Day 5 is a big step into the unknown. I did four marathons as part of my training, but this will be most I’ve ever attempted. At least by the end of tomorrow I’ll be half way through.

As always, your donations and kind words are inspiring me to keep pushing each day when the going gets tough. Please keep them coming!


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