Day 3 – The one I was looking forward to


I was looking forward to today. I’d got my confidence back after yesterday, and I also knew that I was going to have lots of support from friends and family on the route. It was sunny again, not quite as warm as Friday when we set off, but it was certainly warm in the sheltered spots on the east side of the lake.

The plan was to set off very conservatively, and make sure I made it to Newby Bridge feeling fresh, ready for the lumps between 14 and 17 miles. I was also drinking right from the first box at two miles, I wasn’t going to make the same mistake as day 1!

I felt like I took it easy down the west side of the lake, the miles were ticking by nicely and my heart rate was in the right zone. Hit Newby Bridge and the cheer squad in fine fettle, and settled in for the hills. They went by quickly and before I knew it I was in Bowness and over the top of Ice Cream Mountain. Then I enjoyed the last four miles home.

I’d not looked at the time on my watch at all today, as I knew where my fuelling points were and was letting my heart rate and perceived effort level dictate the pace. So I was very surprised and delighted to cross the line and run slightly quicker than yesterday but at a lower average heart rate. Happy days!

My quads were quite stiff on finishing today, the downhill’s on this course are quite punishing. So Martin spent a lot of time working on them, and I spent a good portion of that time screaming, but they are feeling much better now. Thanks Martin!

I had loads of amazing support out on the course today which made a huge difference. Dave and Heather, Rich and team Jaywing were all present and kept popping up all around to lake to cheer me on. It was also great to see Nick Taylor for the first time in ages, Dave Harrison at the start and Lucy Spain at the finish. It honestly makes a huge difference so I can’t thank you all enough.

I know tomorrow is going to be mentally tougher, as it’s going to be quieter out on the course, but I’ve been preparing myself for that so hopefully I’ll be able to cope. The plan is definitely to ease back slightly.

Time for more food, fluid, stretching and sleep before we go again tomorrow!


One thought on “Day 3 – The one I was looking forward to

  1. Well done Mike, you are an inspiration! Really hope the legs hold out and you can ‘enjoy’ some of the running over the next week! Take care, really enjoying reading your reports, Aislinnx


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